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Private Cloud Hosting

Lunarpages offers all customers private cloud hosting solutions that are tailored specifically for their needs and their business model. Our company has extensive experience in building custom private cloud hosting platforms for our customers that require control over their resources and performance.

Every customized private cloud hosting plan requires a consultation with one of our experienced cloud specialists to ensure that we build your private cloud hosting system based on your business’ needs and specifications.

Lunarpages offers assistance with clustering Web and SQL services, as well as managed services for both hardware nodes and Virtual Machines.

Below is an example of a customized build that was set up for one of Lunarpages customers.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Lunarpages Scalable Cloud Hosting plan allows all customers to control their resources and pay only for what they use. This truly a la carte option reduces costs and offers scalability to all of our customers. Some customers choose the number of CPU cores they want along with the amount of bandwidth, disk space and RAM. These options can be changed without having to completely migrate hosts or create a virtual machine, giving our customers less downtime.